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Rh Blood Group System

Ab blood type is further differentiated by a +or- sigh . This positive or negative sigh refers to the presence or absence of another blood group systems anticipated called Rh factor .

Rh blood group system is defined on the basis of Rh factor present on the surface of RBC. This system is named Rh after Rhesus monkey, because its anticipated was first discovered in it by Landsteiner in 1930s.

Rh blood group system is encoded by three gene C,D and E , which occurred two fright linked loci. Alleles of gene occurred one locus called locus D , while gene C,and E although occurred the other locus. The D locus is of prime importance.

Gene D has two alleles , D and d, D is completed dominated over d . persons having genotype DD or Did not have Rh factor and are Rh . Unlike the naturally occurred and the blood group system allowed appeared States their experience at early embraced stage and keep on experience themselves till death. Therefore the blood group system is defined on the basis of RBC

Human Nervous System

Human nervous system is a type of neurons system. Its classification in different subdivided and different function performed by these subdivided are given in Fig17.8.


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