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Noise Pollution Causes.

Transport construction sites loud styles of speech and careless use of electric devices cause noise pollution . Transport includes vehicles, aeroplanes, trains and ships. Careless use of all these modes of transport can produce irritating noise pollution. The situation becomes even worse when the drivers blow needless horns. At construction sites, big vehicles move with big noise. The sound of grilling boring and other construction machinery make the situation even worse. The electronic devices include music players, TV, mobile phones and electricity generators. Irrational andvonsible use of these devices increases the noise pollution.


Transport, construction sites and careless use of electric device cause noise of pollution. Transport includes vehicles, aeroplanes, trains and ships. At construction sites, the sounds produced by vehicles, grilling and boring make the situation even worse.The electronic include music players, TV,mobile phones and electricity generators. Irresponsible use of these devices increases the noise pollution.


Noise pollution exerts a very harmful impact on human health. It causes aggression hypertension , stress , impaired hearing, restlessness depression and sleeplessness. These upshots further lead humans to anxiety , bad temper and emotional stress. Owing to noise pollution, students cannot pay full heed to their studies. Noise pollution brings about mental and physical tension.

Noise pollution exerts a very harmful impact on human health. It causes aggression, hypertension, stress impaired hearing, restlessness, depression and sleeplessness. Owing to noise pollution, students cannot pay full heed to their studies. Noise pollution cause mental and physical tension.


The government and public should work together to check noise pollution. The government should ensure smooth traffic flow and bad the noise emitting vehicle. It should ensure quick completion of construction works. These measures will be helpful to keep the noise pollution under control.

Furthermore the government should ensure smooth traffic flow, block noise emitting vehicles from roads , use, noise barriers where necessary, and expedite construction work to minimize noise pollution. Also , the residential societies should come forward to frame and enforce rules in their areas to check unnecessary noise producing agents. Offices, hospitals, and academic institutions should strictly prohibit the use of mobile phones on campuses for better noise management. Moreover, people should be discovered to speak loudly in these area.

The control systems have been acquired for the variety of homeostatic regulations. These living control systems work exactly on the mechanism of physical control system. It has three components; receptor ,control center and an effector . In a physical control system e.g temperature control system, there is a sensor that monitor temperature change from a set point and signals to control center to take action by switching on heater or cooling units in response to drop or rise in the temperature compared to set point. Similar to it in living system there is set point in temperature regulated animals. The receptor detect temperature change ,e.g of increase and signal to control center for action of cooling systems and the vice versa. Detection of change and signalling for effector,s response to control systems is a feedback mechanism. In these processes there is an inverse effector s response to the change in external environment as there is generally cooling effector s response to warmth sensing in external environment , thus are termed as negative feedback.

The hypotonic environment osmotically causes entry of water in to the cell and renders the cell solutions diluted . the call also becomes turgid. Thus it may be harmed.the hypersonic environment on the other hand , renders cell solutions concentration and shrinks the cell due to loss of water. To prevent these situations cells osmoregulation themselves to keep water and salts balance in plants and animals.

Osmoregulation In different environments :

Most marne invertebrates are among the vertebrates hagfishes are with the surrounding sea,s water. Most cartilaginous fishes maintain lower internal salt concentration than that of sea,s water .their kidneys for osmoregulation excrete salts through gills and also posses salt excreting organs such as rectal glands . These employed active transport mechanism to remove salt against osmoregulation. Some fishes have relatively low salts in body fluids . but have rendered these hypertension to that of sea a water by retaining urea in adequate concentration. Because urea in high concentration is damaging so these fishes retain another chemical oxide for protection against urea. Bony fishes, the descendants of fresh water ancestors but late became marine constantly lose water from their hypothesis body fluids to hypersonic environment . These fishes have adapted themselves to drink large amount of seas water and excrete concentration urine resulting in maximum salt excretion water loss .

All living things must undergo excretion . It is one of the essential life. In plants, oxygen could be looked upon as a waste product of photosynthesis, carbon dioxide a waste product of respiration and water as the waste product of both. The mechanisms of elimination of these gases are described in the respective chapters. Water is lost through transpiration or just used for maintaining the turgor in the cells.

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